Kodak Portra 160NC Film, 70mm x 400ft /122m, Sp 512, cat 140-6941, Sealed & Unopened, New In Metal/Aluminum Box.

* The film is double perforated, Roll length 400ft 122m, not 100ft, weight about 5 ponds.

** Retail price $600+; $495 for the first one, $455 for the second one, $395 ea for 8 pcs.

keep in cool place, process before 05/2007

Kodak's Portra line films are famous for their color, sharpness and versatility, and Portra 160NC is no exception. Its mid-range ISO is ideal for formal portrait work, or any subject that requires film with a fine grain (especially in the oversized 70mm format). The NC stands for Natural Color, which when combined with Portra's medium contrast makes this film excellent for weddings, portraits, fashion, and other situations where natural skin tones are a must. Long a favorite of pros and amateurs alike, Portra 160 takes your color negative photography to new levels."