Unless you have a whole house sound system installed, you listen to your CDs etc. in the room where your stereo is. If your house is like mine, sometimes Mom wants to watch the TV when you want music. An FM broadcaster connects directly to the line output from your CD player/changer, or to one of the tape-out connections on your receiver. 

It then broadcasts to any FM radio in your house or yard. Depending on the model you choose and your location, range is 1/4 mile or more under optimum conditions.


FM25B: Professional Synthesized FM Transmitter

Only: $158.00     Assembly ready!!
  • Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz for no frequency drift!
  • Professional quality for exercise clubs, realtors, drive-ins
  • Strappable for higher power output
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • The ideal campus or school radio station
  • No annoying hum - even better stereo separation than the original!
  • New design features Line In and Loop Out 1/8" Stereo jacks!
  • New version features F style antenna output

Need professional quality features but can't justify the cost of acommercial FM exciter? The FM25B is the answer! A cut above the rest, the FM25B features a PIC microprocessor for easy frequency programming without the need for look-up tables or complicated formulas! The transmit frequency is easily set using DIP switches, no need for tuning coils or "tweaking" to work withtoday's digital receivers. Frequency drift is a thing of the past with PLL control making your signal rock solid all the time - just like commercial stations. The FM25B's real claim to fame however is the use of the latest cutting edge stereo generator on the market. The audio quality is excellent with amazingly good stereo separation to keep even the pickiest audiophiles happy! Connections are as good as they get; use the provided cable to interface with the line output of any CD player, tape deck, computer or mike mixer. Just build it, plug it in, and you're on the air!

Foreign buyers will appreciate the high power output capability of the FM25B; many Caribbean folks use a single FM25B to cover the whole island! New and improved with clean and hum-free running on either 12VDC or 110VAC with the supplied transformer. Comes complete with case set, whip antenna, 120VAC power adapter, 1/8" Stereo to RCA patch cable and of course the world famous Ramsey assembly instructions. You'll be on the air before you know it! Case size 5w x 1 1/2h x 5 1/4d and shipping weight of 1.50 pounds.


 STC1C - Stereo Transmitter Companion
Only: $135
             Assembly ready!! 

Distortion Free Audio Processing!

  • Make your radio station sound like the pros... compares with units costing $500 to $700!
  • Limiter/processor for that high density modulation p
  • 3 band audio processor - separate controls for Bass, Presence, and Brilliance
Your station image and degree of professionalism is defined by its sound quality. While we can make  your jokes or witty announcing skills any better we can at least make the technical quality the best it can be! The STC1 connects easily between your CD player, mike mixer, or tape deck and the Radio Transmitter. If you like programming Rock music, crank up the Bass and Brilliance controls for sound, Classical and vocal tunes come alive with a sweetening of the Presence control, monologues, commentaries and talk radio are benefited by Bass and Presence. Set the levels so that the Peak LED flickers a bit and youre assured of perfect modulation without splatter or distortion! Low cost CD players that have poor filtering on the output are really cleaned up by the switched-capacitor low pass filtering in the STC1. Higher order harmonics and clock feed-through that causes annoying heterodynes and whooshing noises disappear. Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC. Includes the matching case & knob set for a finished look!